Coastal Tree Service ~ McKinleyville, California


About Coastal Tree Service ~ Serving Humboldt County and Northern CA

Coastal Tree Service offers quality tree services in Humboldt County and Northern California since 2003. We take pride in offering our customers complete, quality tree care, and ensure all receive outstanding service. Each employee takes pride in maintaining safety, efficiency, and excellent services.

Job Safety at CTS

The crew workers at CTS have the training and experience in knowing the “lay of the land” in Northern California. This provides a variety of work for us do to the many trees and landscapes. We encourage all customers to always hire a licensed contractor, like Coastal Tree Service. We ensure safety on every job site, for personnel, equipment, and surroundings. Tree care can be hard, heavy, and sometimes dangerous work, so working with awareness keeps us all safe.

Customer Satisfaction

At Coastal Tree Service, customer satisfaction and the desire to do quality tree work is our goal. We are passionate about the services we provide and proud of our reliable fleet and equipment. The crew at CTS strives to develop and maintain long-term relationships with customers as well as our employees.

Job Efficiency

We realize everyone is busy, so we are sure to work with the best use of time, skills, and equipment to get each job done right. The crew at CTS knows they are paid to provide a valued service to our customers. This is our goal each time, in every aspect of our job performance, as evidenced by our top rating with the Better Business Bureau.


Our professionalism and leadership provides clear and concise direction, which encourages and enforces teamwork every day. We employ honesty and reliability in all our services and equipment. We are licensed and insured, respect our customers, our co-workers, and the natural environment.


At Coastal Tree Service, our continued success depends upon our unparalleled guarantee of customer satisfaction. We are active in the community in Northern California, going above and beyond. Literally, when it comes to our loyal customer base, we go out on a limb for you!